Courage Pools Testimonial - Tim & Joanne Stone, Rocklin
Before You Build
1) Reduce Your Risk
2) Do Your Research
3) Make A Checklist


Below is a simple (yet critical) checklist we recommend for your use during your pool contractor selection process.
  Things To Do Courage Pools Inc. Other Pool Company
Contact the local planning department for any information regarding pool construction in your area or any recommendations on pool construction. Our guess, "We love Courage Pools!"  
Speak with the local building inspectors on their experience with pool contractors. Our guess, "Courage Pools is your Pool Company!"  
Speak to family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers on who they would recommend and why. Our guess, "Definitely Courage Pools!" Or, "We should have gone with Courage Pools!"  
What Associations/Memberships is your pool company affiliated with?
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Associated Pool Spa Profession (APSP)
  • CPSA
Have you researched the Pool Company and representatives, via the Internet? Please use all websites provided. Also try your Home Owner Associations message boards, or community websites.  
Where and when was the construction license issued? California / 1995  
Is the pool company a licensed C53? (The pool contractor better have this!) Yes. C-53 #702985  
Does the pool company have liability insurance? Yes, $1,000,000 liability coverage, per occurrence.  
Is the pool company locally owned? Yes,located in the heart of Placer County.  
To what local programs does the pool company provide donations or sponsorships? Click here to see.  
What is the financial stability of the pool company, have they filed for bankruptcy in the past? Courage Pools is a debt free pool company, owned and operated by Jim Courage. No bankruptcy. Ever!  
What is the pool payment schedule? Five payments divided amongst five construction phases, due at completion of each phase.  
Will your pool company provide you with lien releases, upon request? Yes. At Courage Pools, we will gladly fulfill your request.  
What will your pool builder bring to your home's resale value? (Realize the resale value of your home can be affected by who builds your pool.) The Courage Pools name holds its value. We've established a reputation for a quality pool and service. This is where "Quality" over "Average" adds value to your home's re-sale price. Our Lifetime Structural Warranty is transferable upon written request.  
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